Does anyone have a child with Autism and Sensory Issue that does not like getting her bathing suit wet at all?I've thought of everything and she just doesnt like to get wet at all.. but she can take an bath, shower etc with no problem at all.. so going to a pool, she wants to go in but screams and yell.. at the beach she'll go in till the water hits her bottom.. i know she wants to enjoy it but cant.. any advice?

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Do you know what part of the suit getting wet bothers her? Like is it the elastic around the legs or the actual fabric? Is there a way you could let her wear swim trunks and a t-shirt to the pool?

I am not too much help, we are in Washington and we hardly ever get swimsuit weather.

my son also has sensory problems and the pool is hard for him too, but so is showers the sprinklers ect.  We take things very slowly and i also make sure i have someone else with me to spend time with my other son who is younger.  We start with just putting a toe in taking it out and putting it back in then one foot than the other foot.  it might be 10 -15 min before hes playing on the steps in the pool and i let him set the pace.  for my son pushing him to go too fast causes anxiety and he'll stop talking.  So i only try a pool if I'm having a day with lots of support and pacients because it's hard when other parents are saying just throw him in he'll get used to it.   


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