Hi all,

 Im seeking information on special needs estate planning. Curious if anyone has completed theres? We have a generic estate plan completed, but now realize that we must get one done for our special needs son to ensure proper care if anything were to happen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our Coast Guard district gave us a generic one but knew nothing of the special needs one. Im curious if they have to or can look further into providing one for us or how that were to work. Thank you for any information.....

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Hi Carmella!

Great question about special needs estate planning.  What state are you in?  How old is your son?  Most states differ in procedures, so I want to be able to direct you in the best way possible.


We went to Jag and they told us it was too complicated for them to establish a trust for us so they referred us to an estate attorney. He gave us a discount and I think it came out to about $1100 total for everything. We did pops on base but IMHO it was well worth the $ for my peace of mind to make sure my LO is well cared for in the event that something happens. Hope that helps; good luck!


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